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How do I purchase a PPV?

  • Fill out the form with your First Name, Last Name, Username you would like to select and a unique password then click the paypal button. If you have an account from a previous PPV, you just need to be logged into that account and click the paypal button. If you want to purchase with Visa, MasterCard or American Express, select you dont have an account option on paypal and enter your CC number. Once your payment goes through (instantly), your account is approved and you will be re-directed to the site

How do I watch a PPV?

  • Click on “WATCH PPV” to go to the watch page. The player should auto-start playing when the event broadcast goes live. If it doesn’t do it automatically, you may have the press the start button in the middle of the player.
  • During the live broadcast you can not rewind, fast forward or pause the video. You also can not access on-demand content during a live event either.
  • After the event is over (usually within an hour or so), the content will be available for on-demand watching, for approx 3 weeks from the time of the live event (NOT 3 WEEKS FROM WHEN YOU BUY IT), after that the content will be removed and your account will be deleted. The dates the PPV will run will always be clearly listed on the watch page.

Does it work on Xbox or Playstation or my type of phone or computer?

  • Gaming consoles are not supported. Should work on all phones and computers

What do i do if i have problems playing the PPV?

  • Refer to the Help section (located here – PPV HELP).
  • If the video doesnt play on the second part and sticks at 0 or 1 second while still in one player, just click on the timebar somewhere and it will play
  • If you cant find a solution to your problem on the help page, please email support@kingofthedot.com, with a specific breakdown of the issue you are having, your username and the email you used to purchase the ppv with.
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